Friday, 1 June 2012


Dear Friends..
We are totally aware of the traffic situation of our dear city and this drastically increases the tendency of accidents occurring and especially because of the weather condition i.e.heavy rain which decreases traction because of the soft compound tyres that come as stock tyres in our bikes.
Here at FBz we feel that safety is a very big and critical issue and must be followed at all times.
So we kindly request all the riders and bikers of our Shillong city to maintain caution whenever riding because we here at FBz really love our dear friends and fellow bikers and would not want anyone to get hurt or lose their lives due to petty reasons. 
We also kindly request all of our fellow bikers and friends to maintain decency while riding in the city and respect other four and two wheelers and even the pedestrians at all times because a single and small mistake can prove to be fatal and cost ones own life and even others.
So, please dear friends and fellow bikers, don't be negligent and love your city like we do and make our dear shillong city proud of its uniquely and abundantly talented bikers and create an example.



freakybykerz said...

true wordz frm a true biker CHEERZ TO US

Gaurav Dorje Lama said...

Appreciate the concern! Good work guys!!!

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